Expensive Supercar: To buy or Not To Buy

So you saved all your hard-earned money to finally buy that supercar you’ve been dreaming years but have you considered the upkeep and maintaining cost of your new purchase?

Do you know that oil change in some sportscar can go up to $8,000 a year? That is more than what many families in the U.S. earns in a month.

Owning a supercar is just as expensive as you think

On paper, a used super-exotic makes sense. You get the mind-blowing performance and heartbreaking looks, but at a lower price than a new hypercar, and with no yearlong stay on a dealer’s waiting list. But—surprise!—the buy-in is only half the damage. Parts are far from cheap and often hard to come by. Many jobs require purpose-built tools. And for countless reasons, supercars are rarely designed for ease of maintenance—the same task that takes an afternoon on your mother’s Toyota could consume five days on a McLaren. We polled owners and mechanics to find out what makes working on these cars aggravating, expensive, and just plain weird.

If your mind it really set into finally buying and owning a supercar, then you might want to find ways on how to cheaply maintain the upkeep of your new baby. After all, what use is your supercar is if you are going to drive it like a granny just so you den’t dent it.

Six Reasons Why Owning A Supercar Isn’t As Expensive As You Think

Recently, Road and Track outlined just how batshit crazy expensive maintenance on a supercar is. I decided to challenge their assertions by sitting down with an actual supercar owner, YouTube personality, and die-hard car guy Rob Dahm to see what he thought about his expensive investment.

Car maintenance can be expensive especially if you own a supercar. This might be the best time to learn how to change a tire, change oil and do a little fixing and mechanic work yourself. Another way to save money and maintain your car yourself is to do the washing yourself.

Simple maintenance now will help you prevent expensive maintenance in the future.

Research before you buy your sportcar so  you know what you are getting yourself into. Owning a supercar is an indication of your social status but as the saying goes “If you need to ask ‘how much’, then you probably can’t afford it”.

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